Nino. 06-04-93, Diploma of Accounting on Brawijaya University, FORMULA 1 addicted, Ferraristalia, Hendrick Motorsports, Love all about Soccer and Motorsports, James Bond lovers. not only A Milanisti but also Fan of Manchester United, Olimpique Lyon Feminine, FFC Frankfurt, DFB Frauen Nationalmannschaft, England NT, Italy NT, Sweden WNT and USWNT. All about men soccer and women soccer plus motorsport Bianca Schmidt and Dzsenifer Marozsan is my crush. and You should know this blog is 95% about men's soccer, women soccer, Formula 1, Indycar, Nascar and another motorsports. you must think twice before you follow me. lets enjoy my blog free counters
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    #Lana the orange socks are back to celebrate your new url
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